Mercury Racing and Mercruiser Hi-Performance Engine Prices


Mercury Racing and MerCruiser Hi-Performance Engines

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These are Factory list prices for reference only, we offer SUBSTANTIAL DISCOUNTS !  Contact us for your actual cost on any MerCruiser engine package or base engine. Most Mercury Hi Performance engines and packages are in stock for immediate installation or shipment. 

Make sure you buy your engine from a reputable factory authorized dealer

  IIIA and V drives are still available, but no longer offered as part of packages

Model HP Induction Notes Bobtail Bravo X Bravo XZ Bravo XR SSM VI Dry Sump
525EFI 525 Multiport EFI 1 year warranty 33720 na na 46626 87292
600SCI 600 Lysolm supercharger, EFI 1 year warranty 47387 na na 63585 99342

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